10 Things To Strictly Avoid During Pregnancy

The famous Spiderman saying, “With great power comes great responsibility” can be related to pregnancy as well. Yes, pregnancy comes with great responsibilities and cautiousness. You have to be extremely careful with what to eat when pregnant and what not to eat when pregnant.

things not to do when pregnant

Things to avoid during pregnancy

1) Smoking/Alcohol- Everyone knows this. These 2 things should anyway be avoided in everyone’s daily life as well. The toxic impacts of smoking quickly have negative impacts on the development and health of babies.

2) Cafeine- Too much of anything is dangerous. The same applies to caffeine as well.

3) Saunas and Hot Tubs- Any activity with the potential to overheat a expectant mother, whether through intentional “sweats” or hot “soaks”, can be detrimental to a child’s development.

4) Stress-

5) Traumatic Movements-

6) Biking and Riding Horseback

7) Animals and Pregnancy

8) Do not change the kitten litter

9) Do not wear stilettos and prefer heels

10) Do not take medications without consulting your health practitioner

11) Do not paint the nursery as the chemicals and solvents in the paints can be toxic and harmful

12) Do not sit or stand for extended periods in the same position.

13) Do not eat hot dogs, cold-cuts, or other processed meats and soft cheeses

14) Do not get in contact with reptiles

15) Exposure to X-rays is dangerous

16) Do not stay near microwaves

17) Do not use an electric blanket

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