11 Things We Think Will Hurt The Unborn Baby But Won’t

Pregnancy is a scary and emotional time for most moms, whether they experience complications or not. Especially for first time moms, expecting parents seem to question the safety of every aspect of their lives for the well being of their unborn baby.

In the interest of honest disclosure, check out this list of things most moms think will hurt the baby, but most likely won’t.

1) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a serious problem for unborn babies of moms who overindulge during pregnancy. But is drinking wine truly dangerous for expecting moms, or is it all hype? Recent research suggests that a few glasses of wine won’t hurt.

2) A common concern from moms who live with depression is that taking their medication while expecting will harm their unborn babies. However, according to WebMD, research is showing that many antidepressants are generally safe.

3) The most common concern newly pregnant moms have is whether it’s safe to have intercourse with a baby on board. Especially since many moms get more uncomfortable the bigger their bellies grow, there’s a longstanding misconception that having intimate relations isn’t safe for pregnancy. But in most cases, there’s no danger to be concerned over.

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4) Eating spicy food while pregnant might give you heartburn, but it won’t make your unborn baby blind or make the child come out with any kind of health issues. Apart from the list of foods pregnant moms shouldn’t eat because of potential bacterial contamination concerns, there’s not much that a pregnant woman can’t eat- including hot foods like sauces or peppers.

5) Wine has those heart healthy antioxidants, so we can sort of justify our pregnancy cravings for wine based on that. But what about beer? Most beer has a lower alcohol content than wine, but of course that varies based on the type you enjoy. Overall, it seems like a lower alcohol content would be safer than a higher content, as long as you’re still only drinking lightly or moderately.

pregnant unborn baby

6) If you’re a coffee addict, it might seem terrible torture to give up caffeine for the nine months that you’re carrying a baby. Or if you enjoy your daily soda but aren’t sure if the caffeine jolt will wake you up, or mess with baby’s biology, you’re probably wondering how dangerous caffeine really is. American Pregnancy says that pregnant women should limit caffeine to 200mg per day. They say that’s comparable to what’s in a cup of coffee.

7) If you’ve ever had a well-meaning (and usually older) relative or friend tell you that you shouldn’t exercise while pregnant, this little tidbit is for you. Some old wives’ tales even say for pregnant women to not lift their arms over their heads for nine months, but current data tells us it’s safe and also healthy for pregnant women to exercise throughout those nine long months.

8) When you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy (or you’re far from your due date!), there’s not much that can make you feel relaxed and weightless, right? But taking a soothing bath is one way to relieve those aching muscles and take the weight off your tired feet. Still, many moms think that taking hot baths will hurt their unborn baby.

9) It’s long been said that artificial sweeteners like aspartame kill laboratory rats, so many people are skeptical about the safety of that and other sweeteners on the market. Although it’s best to avoid sweeteners- and regular sugar- altogether for many health reasons, consuming sweets in moderation won’t usually harm you or your baby.

10) How often do you hear a mom or mother-in-law tell a pregnant woman she shouldn’t be cleaning the house while gestating the baby? There’s a misconception about the dangers of cleaning products and pregnant women that’s surprising considering the products on the market today and mom’s innate biological systems that protect the baby in her womb.

11) Depending on where you live, it may or may not be legal to consume marijuana. If it’s not legal where you live, you could face having your kids removed if the drug is found in your system. But many pregnant moms, especially those with pre-existing conditions, turn to marijuana to relieve pain, help them relax, and help them generate an appetite when morning sickness lasts more than in the morning!

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