Baby teething timeline

Life-cycle of Baby Teething

Typically, babies get their teeth in pairs. First come the middle two on the bottom. A month or so later, the two above those arrive. Still, it’s not uncommon to see a baby with four bottom and no upper teeth, or the reverse. A general baby teething timeline is as follows:

baby teething timeline

  • 6 months: Lower central incisors


The first teeth predicted to appear are the two lower middle incisors (the cutting teeth) followed by the two upper middle incisors

  • 8 months: Upper central incisors


First two followed by the two upper middle incisors

  • 10 months: Lower and upper lateral incisors


Then incisors on either side of these upper and lower middle incisors

  • 14 months: First molars


The first back molars (the chewing teeth) are next to appear and may cause a little more discomfort and pain than earlier teeth’s.

  • 18 months: Canines


The four canines (the pointy teeth) came after that

  • 24 months: Second molars


Now, followed by the other back molars, often referred to as ‘two-year-old molars’

“This process makes a complete mouthful of up to 20 teeth and now your baby is 2 to 3 years old.”

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