Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Fast

Plan your sex well timed

The best way to get pregnant fast is to have sex once a day, every alternative day during your fertility time that is right before and after ovulation.

Here we have listed some best sex positions to get pregnant fast:

1. Missionary Style Sex Position:

Expert says- “Most Babies, around the world, came into this beautiful world with this position!”

This is the most common and the most suitable position to make a baby. It is most comfortable and popular among the happiest parents.

missionary style sex position

With your partner (male) on top and you (female) lying on your back, the sperms get the best possible path to the cervix and help you to conceive.

2. Doggy Style Sex Position:

Expert says- “Doggy style is just not the great position to enjoy sex, it is also the best position to conceive the baby, quickly.”

Doggy Style Sex Position

This sex position is also the best pregnancy sex position to help in deeper penetration. It also opens up the cervix more than any other sex position. It easies the path of sperm for better travelling to move inside the cervix.

3. The Pleasing Prop Up Sex Position:

Expert Says- “This pose allows deeper and better penetration than Missionary Position.”

This sex position is also known as the “Indra Position”.

Best Sex Position to get pregnant fast

In this pose you will have to lie on your back, same as the missionary pose. The only difference that improves the missionary or increase the fun is to use pillow under your hips to raise it up and make a better angle. It’s a subtle shift that completely changes the sensation dramatically.

4. The Padlock Sex Position:

Expert says- “This position is not just for fun and getting pregnant but it also allows sperms that extra space and motion which will help you to conceive faster.”

Padlock Sex Position to conceive fast

This position requires you (female) to lie on your back on the edge of some couch or bed, your partner (male) needs to stand, and you can wrap your legs around him. It will helps to touch your G-spot, which can help you conceive.

5. The Peg Sex Position:

Expert Says- “If you (female) are having a problem in conceiving just because of heavier partner. This is the best position.”

Sex position for healthy partner for better concieve

In this position your partner (male) have to lie on his back, with you (female) on top of him, with your legs straight. It will help you to conceive the baby faster than other positions.

6. Spooning Sex Position:

Expert Says- “It is not just for making a baby but it’s also a very romantic way to happy endings.”

I want to get pregnant faster

In this pose, you (female) lies on your side, with your partner (male) spooning you from behind. This position ensures that your pelvis is tilted at a 90 degree angle, providing better reach for your partner’s sperm.

7. Magic Mountain sex position

8. Plough sex position

9. Butterfly sex position

10. The Splitting Bamboo sex position

11. The Union Of The Wolf sex position

12. The Reverse Cowgirl sex position

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