IVF or In-vitro-Fertilization is a typical infertility treatment in India. During this procedure, a fertility doctor or gynaecologist takes the eggs from the ovaries and fertilizes them with sperm in a specialized lab. After fertilization happens, the eggs develop into embryos. Three to five days later, the specialist re-implants the embryos back into the uterus.

Now-a-days IVF is very common, and many women are going for it.

We have prepared a list of all the IVF centers in India. This list of gynaecologist clinics in India contains all the information that you would require:

1) Location

2) Working hours

3) Official website

4) Phone number

This list of maternity clinics in India will help you in the infertility treatment.

*Please note that this list of IVF clinic in India has been made in a random order and the number 1 entry of this list doesn’t mean that it is the best gynaecologist clinic in India.

Hospitals in Top Cities of India