Aabir – Meaning Of Aabir | Hindu Boy Name Aabir

Aabir Meaning

Name: Aabir

Meaning: Gulal

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 22

Syllables: 3

Religion: Hindu


Similar names for Aabir

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Name Meaning Numerology
Aabheer A cowherd, Name of dynasty 4
Aabir Gulal 22
Abbir Gulal 5
Abheer A cowherd, Name of dynasty 3
Abhir A cowherd, Name of dynasty 11
Abhra Cloud 3
Abir Fragrance, Strong, Auspicious red powder traditionally applied during the festival of holi 3
Aburah Perfume 6
Apar Limitless 9
Apure Unique, Unmatched, New, Brahman 7

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