Dayakar – Meaning Of Dayakar | Hindu Boy Name Dayakar

Dayakar Meaning

Name: Dayakar

Meaning: Merciful Lord Shiva, Compassionate

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 7

Syllables: 4

Religion: Hindu


Similar names for Dayakar

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Name Meaning Numerology
Dagar Open space, Battle field 22
Daqr Beautiful and thriving garden 22
Dayakar Merciful Lord Shiva, Compassionate 7
Dayakara Merciful Lord Shiva, Compassionate 8
Deewakar The Sun, Lord of light 5
Dhakir One who remembers God 6
Diwakar The Sun, Lord of light 4
Diwaker The Sun, Lord of light 8
Tagore Gyani 3
Tawqir Honor, Respect 7
Toqeer Respect 8

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