Dhairya – Meaning Of Dhairya | Hindu Boy Name Dhairya

Dhairya Meaning

Name: Dhairya

Meaning: Patience, Patient, Courage

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 3

Syllables: 2.5

Religion: Hindu


Similar names for Dhairya

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Name Meaning Numerology
Daar Owner, Master, Another name for God 6
Dawar Ruler, Judge 2
Dayyar Inhabitant 11
Dhaerye Patience, Patient, Courage 3
Dhairya Patience, Patient, Courage 3
Dhairyya Patience 1
Dhar Mountain, Holding, Sustaining, The earth 22
Dheer Gentle, Wise, Calm, Clever, Resolute, Firm, Patient 4
Dherya Petience 7
Dhir Gentle, Wise, Calm, Clever, Resolute, Firm, Patient 3
Dhore King 5
Diar An expensive wood 5
Diyari A gift, A present 3
Dora Pet form of English Dorothy, DORA means "gift of God." Compare with another form of Dora. 2
Dray Fabric markar, Cloth merchant, Play, Sport, Essence, Practical, Wealthy 3
Duhr Noon 6
Durai Chief, Leader 8
Toru Bull 2

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