Diwan – Meaning Of Diwan | Muslim Boy Name Diwan

Diwan Meaning

Name: Diwan

Meaning: Royal court, Tribunal of justice

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 6

Syllables: 3

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Diwan

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Name Meaning Numerology
Daina Denmark; Similar to Daniel 2
Daiyan A mighty ruler, Judge, Guard 9
Dana Learned, Intelligent, Grain, Wise, Another name for God 11
Dayyan A mighty ruler, Judge, Guard 7
Dayyin Devout 6
Dean Religion 6
Deen Religion, Faith, Belief 1
Deyaan Concentration 5
Dhan Money, Wealth 9
Dhana Money, Wealth 1
Dhanu Name of a Hindu Rashi sagittarius 3
Dhawan White 6
Dhyaan Reflection, Meditation 8
Dhyan Reflection, Meditation 7
Dian Divine 1
Din Religion, Faith, Belief 9
Diwan Royal court, Tribunal of justice 6
Diyan Bright light 8
Diyana Giver of gifts 9
Dwan Voice 6
Taayin Gaurdian 7
Tanay Son 7
Tani 8
Tanny 2
Tenu Good 6

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