Halah – Meaning Of Halah | Muslim Girl Name Halah

Halah Meaning

Name: Halah

Meaning: Aureole

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 3

Syllables: 3

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Halah

Predict your Future and Personality on the basis of your name

Name Meaning Numerology
Haala Aureole, Halo around the Moon 5
Hailley Friendly; Friend 9
Hala Aureole, Halo around the Moon 4
Halah Aureole 3
Haleh Halo 7
Haley Hay field 6
Halia Aware, Knowing 22
Hawla Intelligent 9
Heela Hope, Moonlight 22
Hela Hope, Moonlight 8
Helai Swan 8
Helly Rain Fall 8
Hely Who is like God, Ascending, Climbing up 5
Hila Hope, Moonlight 3
Hili Dancer 11
Hilla Timid 6
Hoyala Holy 8
Hulyah Jewelry, Ornament, Finery 3

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