Kaarunya – Meaning Of Kaarunya | Hindu Girl Name Kaarunya

Kaarunya Meaning

Name: Kaarunya

Meaning: Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Praiseworthy, Merciful, Kind

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 11

Syllables: 3.5

Religion: Hindu


Similar names for Kaarunya

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Name Meaning Numerology
Caarina Friend, Italian, Dear, Vietnamese, Diamond 11
Garin Grace, Holiness, Dignity, Power, One of the eight siddhis of the science of Yoga 4
Grana Dear 5
Kaarunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Praiseworthy, Merciful, Kind 11
Karawan Variety of plover birds 6
Kareena Pure, Innocent, Female friend, Manner, Mode, Order, Scandinavian, Variant of katherine 1
Karen Abbreviation of katherine, Pure 22
Karona Merciful, Forgiving 6
Karuna Compassion, Mercy, Gentleness 3
karunah Kind 11
Karunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Praiseworthy, Merciful, Kind 1
Kaureen Beautiful girl, Pretty girl 3
Kerani Sacred bells 4
Kiranya Money 7
Korenia 1
Korina Exalted, Sublime, Nice 5
Kornai Gentle, Soft, Sweet, Beautiful, Handsome 5
Kreena Beautiful 9
Krina Beautiful 8

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