Pargatjeet – Meaning Of Pargatjeet | Sikh Boy Name Pargatjeet

Pargatjeet Meaning

Name: Pargatjeet

Meaning: Revelation of the victory

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 4

Syllables: 6

Religion: sikh


Similar names for Pargatjeet

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Name Meaning Numerology
Barakatullah Blessing of Allah 9
Pargat One who blossoms forth into fame 9
Pargatjeet Revelation of the victory 4
Pargatjot Revelation of the divine light 9
Pariket Against desire 8
Pragadeesh Lord Shiva, Very great, Or huge in a monolithic piece 3
Prakat Manifested 22
Prakatitha Has appeared 6
Praket Intelligence, Understanding 8
Prakhyat Famous 1
Praktan Destiny 9

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