Partap – Meaning Of Partap | Hindu Boy Name Partap

Partap Meaning

Name: Partap

Meaning: Glory, Vigour, Strength

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 9

Syllables: 3.5

Religion: Hindu


Similar names for Partap

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Name Meaning Numerology
Paratpara Greatest of the greats 11
Pardeep Good 11
Partap Glory, Vigour, Strength 9
Partapi Majestic, Courageous 9
Pradeep Light, Shine, Lamp, Brilliant 11
Pradheep Light, Shine 1
Pradhip Light, Shine 9
Pradiipth Blazing 11
Pradip Light, Shine, Lamp, Brilliant 1
Pratap Dignity, Majesty 9
Pratapavat Known for valour 8
Pratapavate Known for valour 4
Prateep King, Shantanus father 9
Pratibodh Knowledge 3
Pritpal God, The loving caretaker, Earth, Pledge keeper, Beloved cherisher, Protector 11
Prodeep 7
Purtab Powerful 6

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