Pradosh – Meaning Of Pradosh | Hindu Boy Name Pradosh

Pradosh Meaning

Name: Pradosh

Meaning: Dusk

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 9

Syllables: 3.5

Religion: Hindu


Similar names for Pradosh

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Name Meaning Numerology
Bhartesh King of Bharat 9
Bratish Pray of God 5
Paritosh Delight, Satisfaction or Contentment 7
Partish Lord of parti one of the name of Shri Satya Sai baba 1
Pradeesh Expectation; The Sweetest 4
Pradesh A place 8
Pradish Sweetest 3
Pradosh Dusk 9
Pratish Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence 1
Pratishwar Sakshat Ishwar 7
Pratosh Extreme delight 7
Pratyush Dawn, The Sun 11
Predesh Lord of Love 3
Preetesh Lord of Love 6
Preetish God of Love, Lord of the world 1
Pritesh Lord of Love 5
Pritish God of Love, Lord of the world 9

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