Qaymayriyah – Meaning Of Qaymayriyah | Muslim Girl Name Qaymayriyah

Qaymayriyah Meaning

Name: Qaymayriyah

Meaning: She was a student of Hadith

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 8

Syllables: 5

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Qaymayriyah

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Name Meaning Numerology
Kaumaari The beautiful adolescent 3
Khamari 7
Komaari The beautiful adolescent 5
Kowmari Name of a Raga 9
Kumari Youthful, Unmarried, Daughter, Young girl, Jasmine, Gold, Another name for Durga and Sita 1
Qamari Moon like 5
Qamayr A narrator of Hadith 3
Qameer Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah she was a narrator of Hadith who quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A) 5
Qamra Moonlight, Moonlit, Bright 5
Qaymayriyah She was a student of Hadith 8

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