Qirat – Meaning Of Qirat | Muslim Girl Name Qirat

Qirat Meaning

Name: Qirat

Meaning: Beautiful recitation

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 11

Syllables: 3

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Qirat

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Name Meaning Numerology
Garati Virtuous woman 11
Gaurita Hindu Goddess Parvati 5
Gureet Of the Guru 4
Kardawaiyah A pious woman 3
Kardawiyah Pious woman 11
Karida Untouched 8
Keerti Fame, Good name, Reputation, Happiness 5
Kirati Goddess Durga, One who dwells in mountains, An epithet of Goddess Durga, An epithet of river Ganga, A woman of the Kirat tribe 5
Kirity Crown given by Lord Indra to Arjuna, Another name of Arjun 11
Krati Creator; Rachna 5
Kriti Action, A work of art 4
Kritu Grace, Favor 7
Kruti Novel, Creation 7
Qirat Beautiful recitation 11

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