Saba – Meaning Of Saba | Muslim Girl Name Saba

Saba Meaning

Name: Saba

Meaning: Image, Young, Early morning breeze

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 5

Syllables: 2

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Saba

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Name Meaning Numerology
Saba Image, Young, Early morning breeze 5
Sabah Resembling, Morning, Dawn 4
Sabeeyah Baby girl 3
Sabha Pretty, Beautiful, Graceful, Bright like morning 4
Sabi A leading scholar of his time, Especially for the Hadith, Sweet, Sabine 4
Sabia Captivating, Enchanting 5
Sabiya Brilliant, Splendid 3
Sahba Wine 4
Saiba Straight, Pertinent 5
Saibah A narrator of Hadith 22
Sawab Reward name of An early poe 1
Sobha Beautiful, Attractive 9
Sobia Good and noble girl 1
Sobiya Nurse of Prophet PBUH 8
Suba Morning, Beautiful 7
Subayah A narrator of hadit 5
Subha Fortunate, Brilliant, Attractive, Auspicious, Wealthy 6
Subhi Good luck, Auspicious 5
Subho Good 2
Subi One with Simplicity; Special Person of All Beings 6
Subiya Subam, Beautiful 5
Zaaba Gold 4
Zabia Female gazelle, Like deer 3
Zabiyah She reported Hadith from the prophet (Pbuh) 9
Zabya Female gazelle, Like deer 1
Zahbia Beautiful 11
Zaib Adornment, Beauty 2
Zaiba Adornment, Beauty 3
Zayba Adornment, Beauty 1
Zaybah Beautiful 9
Zeba Pretty, Beautiful, Thankful 7
Zehba Gold 6
Ziba Beautiful, Antelopes 2
Zobia God gifted 8
Zubaah Name of a sahaabiyyah 5
Zubi Loving and understanding 22

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