Sabawoon – Meaning Of Sabawoon | Muslim Boy Name Sabawoon

Sabawoon Meaning

Name: Sabawoon

Meaning: Dawn, Morning

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 9

Syllables: 4

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Sabawoon

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Name Meaning Numerology
Sabawoon Dawn, Morning 9
Sahban Powerful, Strong, Important 9
Sapan Dream (Swapna) 6
Sauban Two garments 4
Siben 22
Sopan Stairs, Steps 2
Subhan Praising Allah, Holy 2
Subin Su-good bin-king 2
Subinay Humble 1
Supun Auspicious, Worthy, One who earns blessings 1
Swapan King of dream 2
Swapn King of dream 1
Zubin Mighty sword, A Man who touches the Sky 9

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