Umrah – Meaning Of Umrah | Muslim Girl Name Umrah

Umrah Meaning

Name: Umrah

Meaning: Pilgrimage to makkah

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 7

Syllables: 4

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Umrah

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Name Meaning Numerology
Aamara Grass, Immortal one, Unfading flower 8
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited 7
Amara Grass, Immortal one, Unfading flower 7
Amari Strenth forever immortal, Eternal 6
Amariah Whom God spoke of 6
Amayra Princess 5
Ameera Leader, Princess, Royal lady 7
Ameerah Leader, Princess, Royal lady 6
Amira Leader, Princess, Royal lady 6
Amirah Leader, Princess, Royal lady 5
Ammara Shining star 2
Ammarah An inhabitant 1
Amra Princess 6
Amrah Headgear 5
Amyra Leader, Princess, Royal lady 22
Omaira Star 3
Omera Great personality 7
Umaira Second Khalifah 9
Umairah Living a long life 8
Umayrah Living a long life 6
Umrah Pilgrimage to makkah 7
Umrao Noble 5

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