Wazir – Meaning Of Wazir | Muslim Boy Name Wazir

Wazir Meaning

Name: Wazir

Meaning: Minister

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 5

Syllables: 3

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Wazir

Predict your Future and Personality on the basis of your name

Name Meaning Numerology
Aasir Captivating, Fascinating, Devout, Active 3
Asar Fourth prayer of the day, One who has wisdom 3
Asir Captivating, Fascinating, Devout, Active 2
Azari Maidens 1
Easwar The Lord 22
Eeswar Powerful, The supreme God 8
Eswar Lord Shiva, God, Supreme being, Personal God, Or special self 3
Isaar Selflessness, Eminent, Fascinating 3
Isar Selflessness, Eminent, Fascinating 2
Issar Sacrifice 3
Uzair Precious, Name of a prophet 3
Uzayr Precious, Name of a prophet 1
Wazir Minister 5
Yasaar Ease, Wealth, Lives forever 2
Yasar Ease, Wealth, Lives forever 1
Yaseer Wealthy, Lives forever 1
Yaser Wealthy, Lives forever 5
Yasir Wealthy, Lives forever 9
Yasra Affluent, Rich, Prosperous 1
Yusr Ease, Convenience 2
Yusrah Ease 11
Yusri Easy 11

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