Xamak – Meaning Of Xamak | Sikh Boy Name Xamak

Xamak Meaning

Name: Xamak

Meaning: Twinkle, Shimmer

Gender: Boy

Numerology: 5

Syllables: 3

Religion: sikh


Similar names for Xamak

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Name Meaning Numerology
Samak Makes peace, Peaceful, Lord Buddha 9
Samik Ancient sage, Peaceful, Restrained 8
Samiq Another name of God, Exalted, Tall 5
Sammyak Conscious 2
Samyak Enough 7
Siamak Silver flame 9
Simak Arcturus star 8
Somak A king, Little Moon 5
Somik 22
Soumak Good looking 8
Soumik Powerful Like Fire; Beautiful 7
Sowmik 9
Sumuk Lord Ganesh, Good face 4
Sumukh Lord Shiva, A handsome face, Lovely, Pleasing, Epithet of Shiva & Ganesh, A learned Man or teacher, Epithet of Vishnu 3
Sumukha Auspicious face 22
Xamak Twinkle, Shimmer 5

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