Zaaminah – Meaning Of Zaaminah | Muslim,Sikh Girl Name Zaaminah

Zaaminah Meaning

Name: Zaaminah

Meaning: Surety

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 1

Syllables: 4

Religion: muslim,sikh


Similar names for Zaaminah

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Name Meaning Numerology
Saaman Morning, Goddess of sound, Dawn, Early morning 4
Samagna Name of a river 2
Samani Calming, Night 3
Samanwi One who has all the best qualities 8
Sameena Happy, Precious, Generous, Pacifist, Peaceful, Healthy, Plump 22
Sameenah Valuable, Costly, Precious 3
Samina Happy, Precious, Generous, Pacifist, Peaceful, Healthy, Plump 3
Samiun The hearing 5
Saumana Flower 7
Simin Silvery, Made of silver 1
Simonee To listen, Obedient 8
Simoni To listen, Obedient 7
Sumana Flower, Pleasant, Beautiful, Jasmine 6
Sumanah A narrator of Hadith 5
Sumnah Arab girl 22
Sumona Calm 2
Zaaminah Surety 1
Zameena Holy river, Intelligent, Intellectual, Progressive, Productive 11

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