Zakirah – Meaning Of Zakirah | Muslim Girl Name Zakirah

Zakirah Meaning

Name: Zakirah

Meaning: One who remembers Allah regularly

Gender: Girl

Numerology: 11

Syllables: 4

Religion: muslim


Similar names for Zakirah

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Name Meaning Numerology
Sagari Of the ocean 1
Sagheerah Short 9
Saghira Small, Slender, Tender 9
Saikara Cherry blossoms of the world 6
Sakhira Thankful 4
Sugauri Goddess Parvati, Divine Gauri 6
Sughra Small 11
Sugouri Goddess Parvati, Divine Gauri 11
Zakira One who speaks of, Speaker 3
Zakirah One who remembers Allah regularly 11

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