Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy Myths

Myths about food

This is the most common pregnancy myths. Some people say you should avoid dairy products and peanuts during pregnancy, if in case your baby becomes allergic to them. This is not true. It’s 100% safe to eat these foods unless you yourself are allergic to them, or if your doctor asks you not to.

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There are some of the foods that it’s best to avoid during pregnancy due to the risks in certain harmful microbes and chances of affecting from Salmonella. Please read the complete list here.

Can I tell if it’s a boy or a girl?

Some people might think you can get to know if you’re having a boy or a girl by the position of the baby in your tummy, by holding a wedding ring over your abdomen and watching in which direction it turns, or by how active the baby is. None of these methods works, and that is why this is in our list of pregnancy myths.

In many cases, an ultrasound scan could reveal the gender of your baby. It isn’t 100% reliable, but you can ask the ultrasound technician to tell you what they can see. You can also ask them not to tell you if you want to wait until the birth to find out.

Should I be ‘eating for two’?

There is no evidence to show that you need to eat for two when you’re pregnant. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is what’s important. Read about all the healthy food that you should take when you are pregnant here.

Can I continue to have hot baths, exercise and dye my hair?

It’s perfectly safe to have a warm bath when pregnant, but too hot water should be avoided. During pregnancy, hormonal changes might make you feel warmer than normal.

The low level of chemicals found in hair dye is generally thought to be safe. However, many women still prefer to avoid dyeing their hair in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Most of the exercises that you did before pregnancy will be safe, but check with your doctor or midwife if you’re not sure. You might find you become breathless or feel hot more quickly during pregnancy. Moderate walking or swimming are excellent ways to stay healthy.

Does morning sickness only happen in the morning?

No. Nausea (or vomiting) during pregnancy can occur at any time of day, due to changes in your hormones. For most of the women, it’s more common in the morning and begins to improve after 3 months. But for some women, it’s different. So there’s nothing to worry about.

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Can I keep my cat?

Yes. There is no need to give away your pets when you are pregnant. A disease called toxoplasmosis can, however, be harmful to your unborn baby – you might become infected by handling cat’s faeces. Ask someone else to change your cat’s litter, or wear gloves to do this – as well as when gardening – while you are pregnant.

Will cream help avoid stretch marks?

There is no evidence that creams or oils can remove or prevent stretch marks.

Does my heartburn mean my baby has lots of hair?

A small research study was done in which there were some evidence to show that there might be a connection between having heartburn in pregnancy and the thickness of your baby’s hair. However, heartburn is quite common in pregnancy and you just cannot guarantee a connection.

Is hanging washing on the line safe?

Hanging washing on the line along with reaching up above your head is safe. It is unlikely that it will affect your baby’s umbilical cord in any way.

Do I need to prepare my nipples for breastfeeding?

No, there is no evidence to show that any toughening or preparation of your nipples before birth is needed.

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