Pregnancy Trimesters

Pregnancy is considered one of the happiest periods for a woman and also her family. It is the time when she herself gives birth to a new life. A normal pregnancy is of about 40 weeks. During pregnancy women goes through different physical and emotional changes and the baby also goes through various stages to develop from a embryo to a fully grown baby. These changes and developments are divided into three trimesters which are called the pregnancy trimesters.

What is the pregnancy trimester breakdown?

The pregnancy trimester breakdown is breakdown of the pregnant phase of a woman with respect to the development of the child. It is basically divided into three parts.

There are three stages of pregnancy trimesters – first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. We will be discussing all the three pregnancy trimesters.

pregnancy trimester breakdown

Pregnancy Trimester Chart

The different pregnancy trimesters weeks are:

• The first pregnancy trimester begins with the first period a woman misses after conception until week 12.
• The second pregnancy trimester starts from week 13 until week 27.
• The third pregnancy trimester starts after week 28 and ends after the birth of the child.

First Pregnancy Trimester

The first pregnancy trimester is a three month period where the woman body goes through a lot of changes. A woman goes through physical as well as emotional changes in this pregnancy trimester. These three months mostly include these changes and some women might not even know that they are pregnant. In fact, only the first missed period is sometimes the only change they notice.
Changes a woman goes through are as follows:

o Mood swings and exhaustion
o Morning sickness

This happens with most of the women. They may feel nauseous at any time of the day.
o Missed period

This is the first sign of pregnancy and after this the woman might take pregnancy tests to confirm pregnancy.
o Tender and swollen breasts
o Cravings for certain food

A woman might develop taste for certain food product and might develop an aversion for another.
o Headache
o Constipation

Changes in the baby are mentioned below:
• After 4 weeks, the baby starts to develop heart, brain and spinal cord.
• The baby at this stage becomes an embryo and develops arms and leg buds.

pregnancy trimester development of baby

• After about 8 weeks the embryo becomes a foetus.
• The heart begins to beat and certain organs also begin to develop.
• Sex organs, arms, legs, fingers and toes begin to develop properly.
• The umbilical cord is also visible at this stage.

baby in pregnancy trimester

• Now the foetus is at the end of the first trimester and is about 12 weeks old.
• Nerves and muscles begin to form. Also, it develops eyelids to protect its eyes.

This is the end of the first trimester. After 12 weeks the second trimester starts. Pregnant women start going for regular check-ups and this helps in keeping a track over the health of the foetus. Ultrasound helps a woman to see the developing baby and this is one of the most beautiful sights for the parents.

Second Pregnancy Trimester

The second pregnancy trimester starts after week 12. It starts with week 13 and ends after week 28. These are the middle three months of the pregnancy. The pregnancy is more real at this stage. And parents start informing about the pregnancy to other people because only after first three months the doctors assure them of a proper pregnancy. At this stage, the doctors advise blood tests and second ultrasound to detect any deformity or problems with the baby.
Changes in woman’s body during the second trimester:

• Morning sickness and exhaustion end after the first trimester and second trimester is more comfortable.
• Ankles and hands may swell during this trimester.
• Some women might have stretch marks, lower back pain, stomach ache and even toothache.

Changes in the baby during the second trimester:

 Fourth month or week 13
• The baby develops proper hands and limbs, face, legs and even starts a little movement.
• The baby is usually seen making faces, yawning, sucking thumb and so on.
• The nervous system functions properly and the parents are now able to here his/her heartbeats.

 Fifth month

• The baby at week 20 starts to develop hair that protects it.
• Women might experience movements since the baby begins to move his/her hands.
• By the end of the fifth month, the baby is 10 inches long.

baby in third pregnancy trimester

 Sixth month

• The baby becomes 12 inches long.
• Its fingerprints are visible.
• Baby is now reddish in colour. His/her veins are clearly visible.

Third Pregnancy Trimester

This is the third and the last pregnancy trimester. This is week 29 to week 40. The pregnant woman still feels tired but filled with the excitement of the baby. Parents start preparing for the welcome of the baby.

Changes in the women during this period:

• There is an increase in the appointments with the doctor during the third trimester to keep a check on the health of the baby.
• A backache is a major issue at this point due to increase in weight. Women should wear comfortable shoes and clothes to support the baby. They should sleep on their side to provide comfort to the baby.
• Women may experience frequent urination.
• Vaginal discharge
• The pregnant woman still experiences the fatigue.
• Shortness of breath.

Changes in the baby during the third trimester:
• Fat begins to develop.
• Baby also develops hearing ability and starts responding to sound, pain and light.
• The brain develops rapidly and body reserves the fat.
• They may also be able to see.
• Towards the end the lungs are completely developed. And the baby continues to mature.
• The baby starts moving. It blinks, closes his/her eyes, turns around, moves his/her head and so on.
• Now the mother feels the movements of baby.
• The baby prepares itself for delivery and changes its position.
• The baby is now 18 to 20 inches long. And weighs around 3 kgs.
• Frequent check-ups are scheduled with doctor as the due date approaches.
• Baby’s organs are fully functioning at this stage.
• Baby gets into a head down position.

pregnancy trimester

These are the three trimesters every women goes through while giving birth to a child. Special care must be given to the child and mother in order to keep them both healthy at the end of the pregnancy. Regular health check-ups are very important for a pregnant woman.

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