salmonella during pregnancy

What is Salmonella

Officially Salmonellosis, is a type of food poisoning caused by the genus of bacteria Salmonella. It is a common disease and tens or thousands of cases are reported throughout the world. Salmonella infection is more common in summers as compared to winters.
Read on below to get the complete information about Salmonellosis. It’s sources, signs and prevention.

Unfortunately, Salmonellosis caused by the bacteria Salmonella does not have any natural treatments. The body often takes care of itself in eradicating Salmonellosis; however, there are greater risks for pregnant women demanding that medical attention is sought.


Sources of Salmonella

If you are pregnant, then you would have definitely asked this question to many people that What are the sources of Salmonella? You could be affected with this disease by one of these two ways:

1) Coming in direct contact with an infected animal:
2) Consuming infected foods:
3) Household pets can be carriers for Salmonella

avoiding salmonella

There are several foods that are responsible for transferring Salmonella. Please note that these foods are very common and you definitely need to avoid them, especially if you are pregnant, because salmonella during pregnancy could be very dangerous to the kid.

1) Under cooked or raw poultry, meat, and fish.

2) Undercooked or raw eggs or foods made with eggs.

3) Food that comes in direct contact with animal poop in the soil or water where it grow.

4) Unpasteurized milk, milk products, or foods and juices made from them.

5) Pork

6) Veal and Beef

7) If you do not wash your hands properly, well then, you are prone to Salmonella.

8) Some pets including dog, cat, reptiles and birds might cause Salmonellosis.

salmonella symptoms

So basically, contaminated food is the biggest source of Salmonella.

Signs and Symptoms of Salmonella

The symptoms of Salmonella can take a few hours or up to a few days to present after coming in contact with the Salmonellosis.

The Following are Symptoms of Salmonella:
The biggest symptom of Salmonella is pain in the joints. The other important and common symptoms are:

1) Diarrhea

2) Fever

3) Headache

4) Chills

5) Muscle pains

6) Belly pain, nausea or vomiting

7) Blood in your stool

8) Dehydration

9) Sick to your stomach

Although Salmonella generally resolves itself on its own, it could give rise to many problems for pregnant women. Issues that Pregnant Women Face with Salmonella are:

1) Reactive arthritis
The most concerning part is that Salmonellosis, like Toxoplasmosis can be transferred from mother to child, so, if you think you may have this condition, it is important to seek help immediately. The baby inside you would be receptive to meningitis, which could be life-threatening.

Salmonella poison

2) How to Prevent Salmonella during Pregnancy

We do not recommend trying to treat Salmonella naturally during pregnancy. Instead, it is best to take precautions to prevent Salmonella during pregnancy.

1) Wash Your Hands Often – Take the extra effort to wash your hands throughout the day especially if you come in contact with animals or raw foods. Use a good soup to wash your hands properly, because 10-15 seconds of extra hand wash is always better than weeks of Salmonella treatment.

2) Practice Safe Food Handling – Wash foods before eating them, and be careful to avoid cross-contamination between different foods while cooking.

3) Cook Foods Thoroughly – For food-borne Salmonellosis, the bacteria can be killed by cooking foods thoroughly and pasteurizing milk and juices avoid eating barely cooked or raw eggs. Also, never mix raw food with cooked food.

4) You should always wash and clean your kitchen surfaces well before preparing food on them.
So basically, Salmonella prevention can happen if you live with hygiene, and eat good and healthy food. Therefore, it’s really important that you know that what is good to eat while pregnant and what is bad pregnancy food.

How to Treat Salmonella during Pregnancy

People wanting to know about the information about Salmonella would definitely want to know that what the best methods to treat salmonella during pregnancy are; these are a couple options that your doctor may prescribe to alleviate your symptoms and fight the bacterial Salmonella infection (Please note that, if you think that if you think that your immune system is fairly strong, then we would suggest not to take any medicines).

1) Replenishing Fluids – If you are severely dehydrated from diarrhea, your doctor may recommend that you receive IV fluids to replace your fluid intake quickly to avoid Salmonella.

2) Antibiotics – Antibiotics might be prescribed in cases of bacteraemia when the bacteria spread to the bloodstream.

3) There is the risk to the health and wellness of your baby. So, more than likely your body will get rid itself of salmonella on its own, the risks to the baby create the expectation that you seek immediate medical attention.
So to summarize, Salmonella is a common disease which basically spreads from contaminated food. Until and Unless you are pregnant, Salmonella is not that big disease that you need to worry about. We won’t suggest you to take medicines and heavy dose anti-biotic to cure Salmonella, because our body would itself cure it after a period of time.

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