Teething Remedies

Remedies for Baby Teething


We have listed some teething remedies that will definitely help your child to get out of the pain and discomfort from teething.  Here are they:

Teething remedy #1: Low Inflammation Diet

Always make sure that your baby is getting enough rest and healthy foods in addition to breast milk. In addition to it try to focus on adding fresh fruits, vegetables and sweet potato so that this will maintain blood sugar level and reduce stress on the adrenal glands.

Teething remedy #2: Boost the immunity of Baby

Continue breast feeding and Vitamin D from direct sunlight improve the immune system of baby, because at this time some baby gets fever and cold, and also some babies get runny nose at time of cutting teeth.

Teething remedy #3: Cold and Massage

Frozen washcloths numbs the sore and swollen gums, so let baby chew on them after they came out of the freezer.  You can also give some teething toys after chilling them in refrigerator. Also, massage the baby’s gums gently with a clean finger or you can also apply little teething gel but make sure that you have followed the dosage and application instruction. This pressure is very soothing for inflamed gums.

Teething remedy #4: Distract your child from pain

When babies get teething they become so irritating so always distract there mind by offering them new toys. There are so many options available for teething toys that are also safe and non-toxic. Always choose silicone made toys rather than latex or plastic. And if silicone and rubber doesn’t work you can also try wooden teether because roughness of wood is very soothing for some babies.

Teething tricks that you should not try:

      • Never gave them hard foods like frozen or toasted bagels, zwieback crackers, carrots or frozen bananas, as they may be too harsh on an infant’s sensitive gums and baby also gnawed the whole banana at once and it may cause problem.
      • Never put the clove in mouth of infant’s to relieve them from pain because it can also be dangerous for baby sensitive body.
      • Small amount of alcohol is even poisonous for a baby so never try to rub a brandy on swollen gums.

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