Things You Are Not Aware Of But Is Affecting Your Baby’s Health

Pregnant phase is probably the most important time in your life where you need to be careful even with the smallest of the things that you do. Not just healthy pregnant food, pregnancy requires you to be careful 24×7, throughout each of the activity that you do in a day, so that there’s no pregnancy danger.

Things that could affect your baby

1) Changing The Cat Litter

Pregnant women should stop changing the cat litter immediately. Stray cats and kittens should also be avoided. This is the biggest cause of Toxoplasmosis.

2) Going For Sushi

There are three reasons sushi could be dangerous during pregnancy: mercury, bacteria and parasites. Read more about other dangerous foods to avoid during pregnancy.

3) Taking Vitamin A

High amounts of vitamin A can be detrimental during the onset of pregnancy. For women who are hoping to get pregnant, high doses of vitamin A should be stopped before trying to conceive.

4) Drinking Herbal Tea

Herbal teas can be dangerous to the unborn baby and pregnant women should stop drinking them immediately.

5) Taking Aspirin

Pregnant women should stop taking aspirin and consult their doctor. Aspirin can be dangerous to baby throughout the pregnancy.

6) Skipping Meals

This could be the worse thing that you could do which will affect your baby. Before you became pregnant, you may have skipped meals every now and then. Now another life is depending on your meals. Pregnant women need to make sure that they are consuming enough calories and a variety of nutrients.
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7) Stressing Out

A little stress during pregnancy might be normal. A pregnant woman has a lot of pressure on her body as the baby develops and she’s trying to reorganize her life to include a new baby.

things that will affect the baby

8) Taking Medication

What you consume, so does the fetus. Drugs can have serious immediate and long term effects on the child. There are a host of problems that drug use causes in the baby’s body.

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9) Smoking

Smoking was once considered safe during pregnancy. Some women even remember their doctors smoking around them. But like so many other things, we now know the risks of smoking during pregnancy.

10) Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol during pregnancy can have devastating effects on your baby and should be avoided completely. No known levels of alcohol have been proven safe during pregnancy.

11) X-rays

It is advised that X-rays should be avoided unless the abdomen is protected with a lead apron else radiation exposure to the fetus can contribute to birth defects.

12) On your feet 24×7

Standing for long hours can result in varicose veins as well as edema (abnormal accumulation of fluid) in the legs and feet.

13) Massage at home

Going to spas which have trained professionals and masseuse are fine but don’t just go to any salon or get one from your maid at home for relaxation.

14) Extreme exercises

Though moderate amounts of exercise is encouraged during pregnancy, exercises where your heart rate exceeds 160 bpm can result in less oxygen to the baby leading to fetal hypoxia which means that oxygen to the fetal brain is restricted and can result in brain damage.

pregnant women exercising

15) Hot baths and sauna

Excessive use of sauna, steam and heated pools aren’t good during pregnancy; even excessive use of hot water bags in the torso region can result in the uterus getting overheated and in extreme cases can result in fetal death.

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16) Cellphones Near The Belly

Cell phones produce radiation that could harm fragile fetuses. Pregnant women should move cell phones away from their belly immediately.

17) Eating Sprouts

Pregnant women should stop eating sprouts immediately due to possible bacterial growth.It is very easy for bacteria to grow in the sprouts. Some sprouts may contain Listeria, E.coli and even Salmonella.

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