Here’s some ways to raise an optimistic and joyful child

Here’s some ways to raise an optimistic and joyful child

What are the best practices for raising children?

Every parent want their children to grow up to be an optimist about life and handle every challenge. An optimistic child is also said to perform better in studies and sports. Here’s how you can nurture that feeling in your little one.

Change their point of view:


Get them to look for positives in any situation and how they can learn from it. Even if they have got poor grades in a subject, instead of hauling them up, tell them about your struggles as a child and how you overcame them.


Celebrate life events:


Even the little ones. There’s nothing more joyful than sharing happiness with each other and making life’s little occasions memorable. If your child is old enough to handle a camera, ask them to film the celebration. It not only helps make memories but also builds strong family relationships.


Always praise them:


Give your child age-appropriate jobs at home, and praise them when they complete those. In that way, you would not only give them an opportunity to prove their worth when they succeed, even also make them more positive about life.


Be realistic:


Watch what you speak even while praising your child or boosting their self-worth. For instance, if you tell them that they will make friends on the first day of school itself, and if it doesn’t happen, you may have pushed the child into self-doubt. Instead, tell them making friends may take a little time, but when it happens, going to school will be fun.

Don’t use negative phrases:

“We are never going to make it”, “My work never ends” and other everyday complaints don’t help reinforce positive behaviour in your child. Refrain from whining about tough days and financial problems in front of them. While it’s not to say that problems should not be discussed, the idea is to focus more on solutions and hope.

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